Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese with Triple Pepper Jelly

Have you tried the smoked cream cheese trend yet? There’s a reason this smoky, creamy, dippable creation is so popular. We’re taking that trend to the next level in this Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese with Triple Pepper Jelly.

Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese with Triple Pepper Jelly

Cream cheese with pepper jelly is one of those classics for a reason. The tangy creamy base of cream cheese makes the perfect companion to the sweet, spicy, and sticky jelly. This is an elevated version of that pairing.

Sweet and Spicy

There’s something cravable about the combination of sweet and spicy flavors. It’s the melding of the savory and sweet worlds coming together for the ultimate bite.

Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese with Triple Pepper Jelly packs a trifecta of peppers while being mellowed with the sweet kiss of sugar. Earthy poblanos, sassy jalapenos, and the fruity heat of a habanero bring a balance of levels of heat and flavor.

Don’t be afraid of the amount of peppers in this dish. The combination of roasting them first along with then cooking them with the bright pop of apple cider vinegar and sugar tames the flame. If you want things a little spicier feel free to leave some of the seeds in your jalapenos or habanero when prepping your peppers.

Breaking Down Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese With Triple Pepper Jelly

This crowd pleasing appetizer couldn’t be easier and the triple pepper jelly portion can be prepared ahead of time. I’m going to walk you step by step so the only thing you have to worry about is picking what beverage to serve with this.

First let’s talk about the pepper jelly. Because the three peppers used are all different sizes and we’re roasting them at a high heat, keep an eye on them. If you need to pull the habanero first, that’s okay.

If the skins are a little too tough once roasted for your personal preference, use a paper towel to easily brush off some of it. Don’t run them under water because there is flavor in that char!

Don’t rush the cooking process once you start making the jelly. Keep the heat at medium and occasionally give it a stir. There’s gelatin in the mixture that’ll help naturally thicken and will actually thicken more once cooled.

When it comes to the Dairy Free cream cheese, don’t worry if you don’t have a smoker. This part of Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese with Triple Pepper Jelly can easily be made in the oven. You will get that decadent creamy texture that we all love.

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Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese with Triple Pepper Jelly

Dairy Free Smoked Cream Cheese with Triple Pepper Jelly

Dairy Free cream cheese is smoked and topped with a sweet and spicy jelly bursting with poblanos, jalapenos, and a habanero.
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Course: Appetizer
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Servings: 4


Triple Pepper Jelly

  • 5 jalapeños
  • 1 poblano
  • 1 habanero
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 packet of unflavored gelatin

Smoked Cream Cheese

  • 8 oz Dairy Free cream cheese


Triple Pepper Jelly

  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  • Place peppers on a baking sheet and roast for 30 minutes or until they're slightly roasted. You may need to remove the smaller peppers first.
  • Remove seeds and finely chop.
  • Mix the gelatin with the apple cider vinegar and add all of the ingredients to a pot.
  • Cook for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until slightly thickened.
  • Pour jelly into jars and allow to cool before covering.

Smoked Cream Cheese

  • Preheat smoker to 200 degrees and prepare for indirect cooking.
  • Smoke for 2 hours.
  • If preparing in the oven preheat oven to 375. Bake for 20 minutes until a little bubbly and creamy.
  • Top cream cheese with triple pepper jelly. Serve with crackers and your favorite dippers such as celery and carrot sticks. Enjoy!
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