40th Birthday Bash in Asheville, NC

So, I hit the big 4-0, and to mark the occasion, I decided on a chill weekend getaway in Asheville, North Carolina. Big shoutout to Kimpton Hotels and Urban Exhale Massage for hooking me up with an epic birthday bash!

Kimpton Hotel: Where Cozy Meets the Mountains

Started my birthday extravaganza at the super comfy Kimpton Hotel in downtown Asheville. Tucked in Pack Square, you’re practically a hop, skip, and a jump away from galleries, shops, breweries, and coffee spots. And if nature’s calling, hiking trails and waterfalls are just around the corner. This place captures Asheville’s funky and artsy spirit – it’s like stepping into the “Paris of the South.” Kimpton Hotel Arras is all about that easygoing luxury vibe.

We’ve got Bargello, a spot for tasty Mediterranean eats, and District 42, the go-to for craft cocktails and yummy bites whipped up by our local culinary master, Chef Tyler Slade.

Our spot on the 9th floor had this killer view of the mountains – seriously, jaw-dropping stuff. The hotel peeps knew it was my big day and left some sweet treats in the room, like champagne and local goodies. Major bonus points for that!

Homey Vibes and Downtown Fun

Everyone at the hotel was awesome – friendly and ready to make our stay top-notch. They even had a free happy hour from 5 to 6 pm, with complimentary wine, beer, and snacks. The hotel’s right in the middle of downtown, so we could stroll around without a care. Oh, and they’ve got valet parking – a lifesaver.

We chowed down at Bargello, the hotel’s restaurant, for breakfast. Fresh and tasty, with loads of local ingredients. The attached cocktail bar, District 42, is a vibe, too. Craft cocktails, beer, wine, and live music – what more could you ask for?

Urban Exhale Massage: Zen Mode Activated

Next up was the Urban Exhale Massage spa, strategically nestled within the heart of Kimpton Hotel Arras in downtown Asheville. Elevated above the city, this rejuvenating haven invites you to indulge in a moment of serenity, urging you to release and unwind.

The star of the show is their massage in the Garden Room, the biggest massage space in all of North Carolina. Think lush plants, a chill water feature – total zen vibes. Met Micah Haines, the owner, and he was so welcoming and showed us around his spa. Our massage therapists, Daniel and John, were like wizards. Seriously, best massage ever – so dang therapeutic. You can go for up to 120 minutes of bliss, solo or with your partner. And the place has cool stuff to buy – we snagged some local blankets for meditation and cute jewelry boxes.

Chowing Down and Exploring Asheville

Our evenings were all about hitting the local food scene. A must-visit is Posana, my absolute fave. Plus, tons of cool shops, art spots, and museums around the hotel.

Asheville Adventures

But wait, there’s more to Asheville than just chilling! Here are some fun things you can do:

Blue Ridge Parkway: Scenic Drive Alert

Take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway – views for days. If you’re into nature, this is a must.

Hiking and Waterfalls: Nature’s Playground

For the outdoorsy types, Asheville’s got hiking trails and waterfalls galore. Easy trails, tough ones – take your pick.

The Biltmore: A History Buff’s Dream

The Biltmore – fancy mansion, stunning gardens. History buffs, you’ll love it.

Breweries Everywhere: Cheers!

And if you’re into craft beer, Asheville’s your haven. Loads of breweries with unique local brews. Brewery tour, anyone?

In a Nutshell: A Birthday Bash to Remember

So, my 40th birthday bash in Asheville, thanks to Kimpton Hotels and Urban Exhale Massage, was off the charts. From our cozy mountain-view suite to the mind-blowing massage at Urban Exhale, it was a weekend to remember. Asheville’s got it all – good food, cool sights, and the best relaxation spots.

Ready to book your own chill time at Kimpton Hotel Asheville? Click here. And for a laid-back massage experience at Urban Exhale, hit up this link. Your own Asheville adventure is waiting, where the mountains meet pure relaxation. Cheers to good vibes and awesome times!

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