21 of the Best Places to Eat in Asheville, NC

Nestled in the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina, is basically a foodie’s dream come true. Here, the food scene is as varied as the beautiful views. You’ve got everything from charming bakeries to fancy steakhouses, all in one lively city. Asheville’s food spots are all about using local stuff, bringing in flavors from around the world, and tossing in some cool culinary tricks. Come with me and learn more about the heart of Asheville’s food story, one tasty bite at a time.

Sunny Point Cafe

Tucked away in West Asheville, Sunny Point Cafe is like a brunch mecca. With a cute garden vibe, they’re all about serving up tasty dishes made with local foods. Whether you’re into fluffy pancakes or creative omelets, there’s something for everyone. Their huevos rancheros and cinnamon rolls are legendary. It’s the kind of place that welcomes you with a friendly vibe, but they also have a commitment to sustainability and their local community! This restaurant is perfect for kicking off your day in Asheville.

Early Girl Eatery

Looking more for Southern comfort with a modern twist? Early Girl Eatery, right in downtown Asheville, is perfect for you! They’re all about using fresh local ingredients. Think sweet potato pancakes and hearty breakfast bowls celebrating the flavors of the region. The cozy setup and the friendly crew make it a hit with locals and visitors alike.


Take a food trip to Spain without leaving Asheville at Cúrate! This downtown tapas bar brings authentic Spanish flavors to the mountains. Chef Katie Button’s menu is a mix of small plates bursting with Mediterranean flair. Enjoy patatas bravas and chorizo wrapped in crispy potato, paired with carefully selected Spanish wines. The lively atmosphere and communal dining make Cúrate a standout spot.

Chai Pani

Do you LOVE Indian food?! Chai Pani, in the lively downtown area, is your spot for casual Indian faire. From tasty chaats to hearty thalis, the menu shows off the diversity of Indian cuisine. Don’t skip the kale pakoras or the spicy Sloppy Jai for a fun fusion twist! The vibrant setup and bold flavors make Chai Pani a foodie’s adventure.


Limones in downtown Asheville brings a fresh, Mexi-Cali vibe to traditional dishes. Tacos, enchiladas, and ceviche shine with locally sourced ingredients. The comfy, modern atmosphere, along with zesty cocktails, makes Limones a perfect stop for a memorable meal.

Asheville Proper

Asheville Proper Steakhouse & Seafood is the creme de la creme for fancy dining in the heart of downtown. If prime cuts of steak and fresh seafood sound like your thing, this upscale spot has you covered. It’s the kind of place for a special night out, with a cozy feel, top-notch service, and a long list of wines.

Cucina 24

Nestled in downtown Asheville, Cucina 24 is an Italian-inspired gem. Chef Brian Canipelli goes all out with seasonal and local ingredients. From handmade pasta to wood-fired pizzas, each plate is a dedication to the richness of Italian culinary traditions. The warm vibe and plenty of wine choices make Cucina 24 a great spot for a cozy and romantic evening.


Head to Rhubarb for a true farm-to-table experience in downtown Asheville. Chef John Fleer focuses on locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. The menu changes with the seasons, offering a mix of wood-grilled steaks to creative vegetarian options. The rustic-chic setting and support for local farmers make Rhubarb stand out.

Ukiah Japanese Steakhouse

For a top-notch dining experience, Ukiah Japanese Steakhouse in South Asheville brings hibachi-style cooking and traditional Japanese cuisine together. Skilled chefs put on a show on the grill, serving up perfectly seared meats and vibrant sushi rolls. Ukiah guarantees a dining adventure to remember.

Baby Bull AVL

In the heart of West Asheville, Baby Bull AVL is your Tex-Mex haven. With flavors inspired by the American Southwest, this spot is all about bold and savory dishes. Sizzling fajitas and loaded nachos are the stars here. The laid-back atmosphere and a tequila selection to envy make Baby Bull AVL a go-to for casual and flavorful dining.

Owl Bakery

A hidden gem in West Asheville, Owl Bakery is a pastry lover’s paradise. Their commitment to traditional European baking shines through in every bite. From flaky croissants to artisanal sourdough, each treat is crafted with care. The charming vibe and the smell of freshly baked goods make Owl Bakery a delightful stop for a sweet treat.

The Admiral

For an out-of-the-box dining experience, head to The Admiral in West Asheville. This avant-garde eatery, set in a former gas station, blends modern cooking with a laid-back feel. The menu is always changing, serving up creative dishes that push the boundaries. The Admiral is a must-visit for those seeking a unique culinary adventure.

12 Bones Smokehouse

Calling all barbecue lovers! 12 Bones Smokehouse, in the River Arts District, is your spot for mouthwatering smoked meats. With a focus on bold flavors and homemade sauces, this barbecue joint nails it. From tender ribs to flavorful pulled pork, 12 Bones knows the art of slow-cooked perfection. The chill atmosphere makes it a local and visitor favorite.

Azalea Kitchen & Neighbors

Located in the lively West Asheville neighborhood, Azalea Kitchen & Neighbors is a modern culinary gem blending innovation with Southern charm. This spot celebrates the vibrant seasons of Asheville with a menu highlighting locally sourced ingredients. From inventive cocktails to creatively crafted dishes, Azalea Kitchen offers a taste of the city’s culinary spirit. The inviting atmosphere and a perfect fusion of flavors make it a go-to destination for those seeking a contemporary dining experience.

Hemingway’s Cuba

Take a trip to the lively streets of Cuba right in downtown Asheville at Hemingway’s Cuba. This restaurant pays homage to the legendary writer with a menu inspired by Cuban cuisine. Whether you’re into classic Cubano sandwiches or flavorful ropa vieja, each dish brings the vibrancy of Cuban flavors to your table. The lively atmosphere, Latin music, and colorful decor create a festive and inviting dining destination.

Pack’s Tavern

A downtown Asheville staple, Pack’s Tavern sits in the historic Pack Square, offering a mix of old-world charm and modern culinary delights. This gastropub brings together the best of both worlds with an extensive menu ranging from pub favorites to elevated comfort food. The warm ambiance, diverse beer selection, and outdoor seating overlooking the square make Pack’s Tavern a versatile spot for a laid-back meal or a lively gathering.

Hop Ice Cream Café

If you have a sweet tooth, Hop Ice Cream Café in West Asheville is your haven. This cozy spot is renowned for its artisanal ice cream, featuring a rotating selection of inventive flavors crafted with care. From classic vanilla to unique creations like lavender honey, Hop’s commitment to quality ingredients shines through in every scoop. The inviting atmosphere and the option to enjoy your treat on the outdoor patio make it a perfect stop for a cool and creamy indulgence.

Baked Pie Company

Indulge in the warm embrace of freshly baked pies at Baked Pie Company in North Asheville. This charming bakery specializes in handcrafted pies made from scratch, following traditional recipes to a tee. From flaky fruit pies to decadent chocolate creations, each pie is a testament to the art of baking. The cozy ambiance and the heavenly aroma of baked goods make Baked Pie Company a slice of pie paradise.

City Bakery

Downtown Asheville’s City Bakery invites you to savor European-style pastries with a dash of local charm. This artisanal bakery marries time-honored baking techniques with a dedication to quality ingredients. From buttery croissants to rich chocolate éclairs, each pastry is a testament to the finesse of French baking. The inviting atmosphere and the option to pair your pastry with a cup of coffee make City Bakery a cherished spot for a delightful break.

Rosetta’s Kitchen

In the heart of downtown Asheville, Rosetta’s Kitchen stands as a beloved spot for those embracing vegetarian and vegan fare. The cozy eatery boasts a diverse menu featuring plant-based twists on comfort food classics. From hearty bowls to flavorful wraps, each dish is crafted with a focus on sustainability and taste. The laid-back atmosphere and the commitment to locally sourced ingredients make Rosetta’s Kitchen a welcoming destination for all.

Jettie Rae’s Oyster House

Seafood enthusiasts are in for a treat at Jettie Rae’s Oyster House in downtown Asheville. Specializing in fresh oysters and coastal-inspired dishes, this eatery brings the flavors of the sea to the mountains. From raw oysters to expertly prepared seafood entrees, Jettie Rae’s offers a taste of the coast in a lively and welcoming atmosphere. The ocean-inspired ambiance and a menu bursting with seafood delights make it a go-to spot for a maritime culinary experience.

Asheville’s food scene is like a big, delicious adventure! From local farm goodies to flavors from all over the world, and sweet treats to top it off, there’s something for everyone. Each bite tells a story of Asheville’s tasty and diverse food culture.

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