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Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Do you have certain recipes that people always ask you to make? Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake is one of my husband’s favorites. Add this to your recipe box and it’s sure to become a family favorite too.

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

There’s something both elegant and playful about lava cakes. They’re a dessert that always impresses and gets attention at the table as that first slice reveals the decadent flow of luxurious filling. Yet their personal size makes them such a fun treat.

Go with the Flow

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake is about the play of textures. The outer shell is a delicate sponge with that slight spring begging to be cut into. The gossamer outer cake barely contains the the velvety luscious molten chocolate.

With only a handful of ingredients, every ingredient matters in this dessert. You want to pick a quality chocolate because it is the main star. For this recipe I am using Valrhona Chocolate. Purveyors and producers themselves of the finest cocoa beans, Valrhona produces hand crafted artisanal chocolates.

Further more they’re also committed to sustainability. Besides being master chocolatiers they also strive to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. Therefor they’re working towards improving the conditions for both the producers and the planet.

Breaking Down Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

This dessert is equally as easy as it is impressive. In just a few steps you will your friends and family scraping ramekins to get the very last drop. Let’s break it down.

First, you want to make sure your ingredients are all at room temperature. This includes the Dairy Free butter and eggs. This’ll allow the batter to easily come together without over mixing. It’s all about keeping it light and delicate.

The second step will allow those beautiful lava cakes to easily release when you flip the ramekins upside down. You are going to butter them with softened Dairy Free butter, just enough to coat, and sprinkle in Gluten Free flour. Turn the ramekins around to ensure they’re fully lined and then dump the excess.

Next up is creating a double boiler. I’ve talked you through creating one in recipes such as Banana Sheet Cake with Chocolate Espresso Ganache. You’re going to bring a saucepan of water to a simmer with a glass bowl on top, careful to make sure the water never touches the bottom of the bowl. This will allow your chocolate to gently melt.

The last step is to temper your eggs. Because there are so many eggs in this dish and you are introducing hot melted chocolate to them, you don’t want to scramble them. Drizzle a little of the melted chocolate and butter mixture into the eggs. This will raise the temperature of the eggs so they’re closer to the higher temp of the chocolate.

Top Tip

When you create a double boiler, it allows you to cook or melt something at a gentle heat without worry of over cooking it. This is useful for making custards, meringues, melting chocolate, etc. The best part is you don’t need any special tools.

Armed with a pot of simmering water and a glass bowl, you can easily create a double boiler at home. The key is to make sure the water never touches the bottom of the bowl. You want the steam created from the seal to do all of the work.

Now that I know you’re craving Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, let’s get baking!

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

These gluten and dairy free cakes have a delicate sponge cake shell and luxurious molten chocolate center.
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Course: Dessert
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 6


  • Double boiler
  • Mixing Bowl
  • 6 ramekins



  • Butter and flour 6 ramekins and set aside.
  • In a bowl add the sugar and eggs and beat until pale yellow and the sugar is slightly dissolved, approximately 5 minutes.
  • Create a double boiler. Bring a sauce pan with water to a low simmer and place a glass bowl over the top, careful that the water doesn't touch the bottom.
  • Add the butter and chocolate to the bowl and continually stir until the chocolate is completely melted and the butter is incorporated. Remove from the burner.
  • Add 1/4 cup of the chocolate mixture into the eggs, continually stirring.
  • While continually stirring add the rest of the chocolate to the egg mixture.
  • Fold in the dry ingredients until just combined.
  • Evenly divide the batter between the ramekins. This part of the recipe can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator.
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Place ramekins on a baking sheet and bake for 14-16 minutes. The top should be set with a divot in the center and the middle should be slightly jiggly when you move it.
  • Allow to cool for 3 minutes. Either serve directly from the ramekin or invert onto a plate. Enjoy!


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